Tim Robards may have first won Australia over as The Bachelor, but since then he’s gained attention and a loyal following thanks to his inspiring outlook on wellbeing. He’s even developed his own fitness philosophy, The Robards Method, to inspire others to change their attitude towards living an active life, plus he’s recently launched his first book The 7:2:1 Plan that features recipes and exercises to help you get started. Ahead of his in-centre workshop here in Canberra where he’ll be revealing his top wellbeing advice, we asked Tim to share his go-to secrets for getting started on a path to being a well being.

What’s a typical day for you?

My days are far from typical… which I both love and hate. Having routine can be great because you are reliable and can plan way ahead, however it can become monotonous. On the other hand, always doing something different from day to day is exciting, but can be stressful because you are always ‘on’ and have to try to remember where to be and when all the time. Generally though, I start my day at a café, have a Bulletproof Coffee (new of late) and knock off my emails and tasks I need my computer for. Then I might have something like a presentation/fitting/shoot/charity/workout/meetings/PR or similar to do next. I break my fast around 12pm before running to the clinic. If I can squeeze a half hour workout or some sun in for 20 minutes I’ll try to do that! I’m usually in the clinic with patients from 3pm-7pm then head to the gym, grab some food for dinner and I’m eating at about 9pm. I’ll work on emails and projects till around 11pm. I’ve been trying to read a book for the last 15 minutes before bed and sometimes do some foam or ball rolling.

What is The Robards Method?

The Robards Method (TRM) is a progressional fitness program designed to help you build a strong body, from the inside out. It’s delivered through an app, so you have me as your personal trainer in the palm of your hand. We have over 300 bodyweight exercises incorporating floor work and rings that you can hang off a tree, kids park or outdoor fitness equipment. It’s the minimal amount of equipment to get maximal results.

What fitness level is The Robards Method best suited for?

Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength and definition, or workout like an elite athlete, you start TRM at your level with five different entry points into the program. Exams and challenges keep you on track and accountable as you crush your fitness goals.

What are some easy ways we could improve our wellbeing?

Up your ‘active hours’ in a day. Basically this is any time where you are not sitting on your backside. Standup on the train to and from work, have walking meetings instead of sitting, take the stairs, try and aim for 10,000 steps a day. Eat as much real food as you can during your day: basically anything that is not processed, refined, packaged, or full of sugar and additives.

What are your top tips for finding time for exercise when living a busy life?

Make it a priority by clarifying why it is important in your life. Link exercise to your highest values or how it helps you to achieve your goals. If you don’t have goals then find some, and find a strong ‘why’.

What are the top exercises we should all incorporate into our workouts?

The most efficient exercises for maintaining muscle and decreasing body fat are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workouts. Combine them with functional bodyweight and mobility exercises and you’ll feel the best you have in years! Learning how to squat right is super important, but don’t underestimate a simple farmer’s walk or walking lunges. I cannot go past the versatility of my TRM rings. They can travel anywhere with you so you always have a gym in your backpack.

What’s your favourite cardio workout?

My TRM power sessions. Cardio doesn’t have to be steady state running, it can be lifting weights – but doing it fast. I’ve combined resistance exercises with plyometrics in my power workouts to hit your muscle toning and cardio in one.

How do you balance a healthy diet and lifestyle when you travel?

I tend to opt for a lot more salads and fish when I travel. Especially after a flight where you just feel ‘gluggy’ and bloated. Eat fresh simple foods, and stay away from takeaway stores with the pre-made food, which usually consists of a tiny bit of meat between two big thick bits of bread.

What’s your day on a plate look like?

I live more by my weekly 7:2:1 lifestyle every day. I allow myself treats and indulgences (the 10% relaxed or the ‘1’ in 7:2:1), 20% sensible (the ‘2’ in 7:2:1) when I feel like comfort food and then I eat clean, real food 70% of the time (the ‘7’ in 7:2:1). My suggestion if you have had a blowout is just get back to eating real food. Less packaged, jarred, sugar and preservative-full food. Just eat real food as it comes in nature.

What’s your advice for choosing healthier options when eating out?

Choose something that describes the individual ingredients as real food. For example a steak with carrots and broccolini with a red wine dressing, as opposed to beer battered fish with potato gratin and Johnny’s magic sauce. Unless it’s your 10% relaxed day!

Try and opt for a salad but choose one that has plenty of protein and healthy fats. You can always ask for some nuts or a boiled egg to be added. If all else fails order an omelet!

What’s your biggest food guilty pleasure?

Anna’s mum’s creations! Checkout #judesfood to see what she’s cooking up!


Grab yourself a copy of Tim Robard’s The 7:2:1 Plan book at Dymocks, QBD The Bookshop and Big W

Come and meet Tim at his Canberra Centre Wellbeing Workshop on Saturday 17 June – find out more here!