Technology can be a curse at times – giving us access 24-7 so we’re always switched on, and expected to be available for every minute of every day. But the good news is technology isn’t always the enemy, it can actually provide a helping hand to letting you switch off. These are the gadgets that will help you zone out whenever you want to.


Yes, your smartphone does mean you can be accessible at all hours, but only if you want to be. By switching on the Do Not Disturb setting on your Apple iPhone you can ensure you’re unreachable at times when you’d rather not be – like after work or while you’re on holidays.

Another way your iPhone can help you relax is with the Night Shift feature. It makes your display colours look warmer, which may sound insignificant, but looking at the blue-toned light from your phone before bed can make it harder for your body to produce melatonin, which can affect your sleep cycle. The Night Shift feature also reminds you when your designated bedtime is, so you can get into a regular sleep pattern.

Noise cancelling headphones

Switching off from the world is a lot easier when you don’t have surrounding noises distracting you. Noise cancelling headphones allow you to significantly reduce background noise so you can focus on the task at hand, or create a quiet zone for optimum relaxation.

High Definition TV

When your TV has a high quality image, flawless sound and 3D capabilities, it’s easy to feel like you’re at the movies in the comfort of your own home. Kit out your living room with a TV that features all the latest technology bells and whistles, add a surround sound system, and settle in for a night watching the newest flicks on Netflix. Top tip: Treat it like you’re at the actual movies – phones on silence and no distractions.

Virtual Reality Headset

Need to get away or distract your stressed mind? Virtual reality is the perfect place to go. Try using the Mind Fitness app with your Samsung Gear VR – it will guide you through meditation practices to help you reach a Zen state of mind. For a more adventurous brain break, try the Oculus 360 Tours app, which gives you a virtual tourist perspective of some of the greatest destinations in the world.