Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem are sisters who have a shared passion for style and wellbeing. Together they joined their passion and expertise (Sally is a TV presenter with years of experience in the fashion industry, and Maha is a certified health coach) to launch their own inspirational lifestyle website, SWIISH.com.au.

Stopping by in-centre this weekend to host a Style Masterclass, they will be sharing their top tips for embracing the season’s latest trends. We also sat down with Sally and Maha to find out more about their personal style and their best advice.

How would you describe your style?

Maha: For me I tend to stick to classic styles and shapes, but I like to mix things up with accessories. I wear more block colours, and favour darker and warmer tones. For many years Sally has tried to get me to wear bold, bright prints but for me that’s something I tend to bring in more with accessories rather than the key pieces I’m wearing.

Sally: My style is very much based on my mood. Some days it’s all floaty boho dresses and flat knee-high boots, whilst other days it’s more tailored with skinny jeans and jackets. I dress according to how I feel that day.

What’s your go-to outfit for dressing up?

Maha: For me, I can’t go past a black dress. It’s an enduring style that’s a classic for a reason. When it’s winter you can put a faux fur jacket over the top, or you can wear knee-high boots or ankle boots – it’ one of those dress it up, dress it down, versatile pieces.

Sally: A dress and heels always makes me feel amazing. Ideally in bright colours – I almost always avoid black at all costs.

What’s your staple look when dressing down?

Maha: A great fitting pair of jeans, with some cool sneakers and just a white t-shirt. It’s simple but it works.

Sally: When dressing down, I go for a maxi dress because it’s comfortable, and wear flat shoes and a motorcycle jacket.

What’s your favourite style of jeans?

Maha: Skinny for me. I have a petite body shape so it flatters me best. Plus, when I wear them with a pair of heels it elongates the legs. I’m quite short and it helps me to feel taller, so sign me up!

Sally: Boyfriend jeans with rips all the way.

Do you find you inspire each other’s fashion?

Maha: Well, we have rocked up in the same outfit more times than I care to admit! I’ve definitely raided her wardrobe and she’s raided mine, but it’s more about each other inspiring one another to take risks, rather than copying what they wore. We’ve brought that sought of awareness to each other to try new things.

What is your favourite piece or trend you’ll be wearing this winter?

Maha: Red. And ruffles. As a kid my mother used to always try to dress me in red and I would resist, but I think now there are so many gorgeous shades of red, from watermelon to the darker shades like burgundy. And ruffles are so major for autumn/winter: on hemlines, sleeves, and knitwear as well as shirts and dresses. I’ll be doing ruffles everything. It’s very French influenced, and I’m never against anything with a Parisian vibe.

Sally: Drop hem dresses with over the knee boots. The drop hem style is incredibly flattering on everyone because the shape of the dress is a shift-style, but these dresses generally feature added details around the hem, such as a ruffle, lace, or a broderie hemline, which makes for a stylish addition.  You’ll also see me wearing bell sleeved tops and jumpers, which are both a huge trend for winter this year.

The number of new trends that pop up each season can be overwhelming for some women. What’s your best advice for shopping the latest trends?

Maha: My advice would be you have to be able to wear it three different ways. It’s got to be something that can be dressed up, dressed down, worn to work or out with friends, and can easily be changed up with accessories. You want to get mileage out of everything you’re buying and wear it as much as you can and in as many different ways possible. You might be in love with a piece but you have to think about whether you have other pieces in your wardrobe that complement it, and consider how and when you can wear it.

Sally: Pick a few that you absolutely love. For me, that’s the drop hem and bell sleeves. With everything else, get your hit via accessories. For example, I love velvet. But instead of buying velvet clothing, I will buy a velvet choker and a velvet clutch.

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