Rather than dabbling in every trend each season and breaking the bank in the process, start to shop strategically. Smart purchases paired with a cleverly curated wardrobe will ensure you never have ‘nothing to wear’ again. Here are our tips for maximising your wardrobe, plus our top trend pieces that will work hard in your style set.

Invest in Classics

A capsule wardrobe ensures you have all bases (and occasions) covered – your closet will be well-equipped with timeless pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with new, on-trend pieces. Invest in classic items like slim black pants, an LBD, a white shirt and a trench coat: they will last you from season to season, plus you can easily wear them a couple of times a week so they need to be of a high quality so they’ll last you a long time. Neutral tones and black fashion pieces are easy to style and won’t date.

Get In Tune With Your Personal Style

Often the items in our closet are ones we bought on a whim that don’t fit in with your overall personal style. It’s easy to get distracted by trends, sale items and pieces that look great on a friend but may not be right for you. By identifying your style and what works for you, you’ll be able to make smarter purchases and never find an unworn piece in your closet again. To help you hone in on what you like, what suits you and what makes you feel most confident, try keeping a journal of what you wear for a month. Jot down the pieces you paired together and how it made you feel. You’ll quickly be able to spot a trend for which shapes, fabrics, and styles work best for your body shape and lifestyle.

Buy Versatile Pieces

It can be tempting to get caught up in all the latest trends, but some trends won’t work in with your style, let alone the other pieces in your wardrobe. Think about how you would wear an item before you buy it – if you can only think of one or two ways to create an outfit with it, perhaps it’s best to keep hunting (maybe a different colour would prove more versatile?). The easier each item is to integrate into your wardrobe, the greater the potential for more outfits from less pieces.

Organise Your Closet

If your wardrobe is overflowing and messy, odds are you’ve got some great pieces hiding in there that you’ve long forgotten about. Keeping your closet neat and tidy will ensure you can see each and every item. A clean-out may even reinspire you to create new outfits and wear pieces you haven’t in ages. Make sure you don’t overcrowd shelves and drawers, and even consider adding in additional shelves in your wardrobe to maximise the space. Avoid cluttering your closet with non-fashion items and try to find other areas to store them. Finally, hang any items that are likely to crease to minimise the amount of ironing you have to do every time you get dressed.

Main image: Country Road