It’s easy for your skin care routine to take a turn for the complicated with all the options and different steps that keep popping up. But the more cluttered your routine gets, the worse it could make your skin. Here’s how to pare back the products in your kit without compromising your skin.

The bare necessities

More products don’t automatically mean better skin – in fact all the contrasting formulas paired with too many active ingredients can leave your skin desperate for a break…or worse, breaking out. Keep your skin care products to a basic minimum. While everyone’s skin is different, most routines need a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser (one for day with an SPF and one for night) and eye cream. If you have other specific concerns like acne or pigmentation then you may need to add extras.

Know your skin

By being in tune with what you skin does and doesn’t need, you can quickly pare back how many products you’re using. If you don’t have oily skin then skip the toner, but if your skin is showing signs of ageing then you may need to add a serum into the mix. Choosing formulas that are targeted to your top concerns will also ensure you get the best results from the few products you’re using.

The time savers

Now that you know which products you need, look for ones that will further cut down your skin care routine time so it’s quicker, easier, and more manageable. Micellar water is a fast and simple way to clean skin and remove makeup in one, plus it doesn’t require water to wash it off. Or, keep a cleanser in the shower to multi-task in the morning. As for your serum, there are few harder working products than rosehip oil – it nourishes, repairs, fights the signs of ageing, helps heal acne and restores radiance to skin all in one. Also look for packaging that allows for a quick application: pump dispensers are fuss-free and stick formulas only require a speedy swipe.